Limited Engineering Licence

In 2013, Engineers Nova Scotia Council approved a motion to create a registrant category for limited licensure.

A limited engineering license is a license to practice professional engineering within a well defined and limited scope of practice.  This category of registration is for individuals who have academic qualifications other than a university engineering degree, who have gained several years of in-depth experience in the practice of professional engineering in very specific and narrow fields under the supervision of a P.Eng., and who wish to take professional responsibility for engineering activities that fall within the approved scope of their limited license.

The limited license enables the license holder to independently practice engineering within a specific scope of practice and list of activities approved by the Board of Examiners of Engineers Nova Scotia, subject to on-going registration and professional development. 

The title will be “Limited Engineering License” and the professional designation will be Eng. L. which represents “Engineering Licensee”. Stamps are issued as “Registered Limited License”.

Applying for an Eng. L. requires energy and commitment as the applicant must be able to provide supporting documentation to demonstrate the necessary education and complementary experience acceptable to the Board of Examiners to independently practice specific activities within the requested scope of practice.

Given that each limited license is unique and only applies to well-defined and narrow scope of practice, the approval process will likely take longer than a P.Eng. license application as the Board of Examiners reviews whether the practical experience under the supervision of P.Eng. submitted by the limited license applicant complements the academic qualifications sufficiently to allow the applicant to practice independently.

Any questions regarding the limited engineering license or the Limited Engineering License Guide can be directed to


The Limited Engineering Licence Guide is available here.    


You must upload the following documents and fees with your online application:

  • complete and submit the Online Application 
  • to submit your online application you will be required to pay the application fee to submit and pay now.   You will be invoiced for the dues and stamp fee when your application is approved.  (Fees here)
  • transcripts and course descriptions direct from the university to Engineers Nova Scotia
  • current resume
  • current, valid, government issued, photo identification with your signature 
  • proposed scope of practice
  • detailed experience records, on the Engineers Nova Scotia Experience Record Form, describing your engineering related experience which is directly relevant to the proposed scope of practice - PDF.
  • supervisors report
  • three references who have known you for a minimum of 12 months - two references must be Professional Engineers in good standing with an Association of Professional Engineers in Canada
  • a one-page summary of your work experience for submission to your references
  • completed company application form and fees, if applicable


 Engineering Experience Guide - PDF

 Engineering Experience Record Form - PDF 

 Proposed Scope of Practice and Activity List, and Supervisor's Report PDF


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