Limited Engineering Licence

To appropriately regulate the practice of professional engineering by all qualified practitioners, Engineers Nova Scotia may issue limited engineering licences to individuals who do not have the academic qualifications to be eligible for a full professional licence.  Creating a limited engineering class provides for licensed practice of engineering by individuals who, through a combination of training and experience, are determined to be qualified to practise independently and to take full responsibility for their work within a limited scope defined by the association


The Limited Engineering Licence Guide is available here.


You must send the following documents and fees with your application:

  • completed application, signed and dated
  • all fees and dues including application and company fee (fees here)
  • transcripts and course descriptions direct from the university to Engineers Nova Scotia
  • current resume
  • current, valid, government issued, photo identification with your signature 
  • requested defined scope of practice
  • detailed experience records, on the Engineers Nova Scotia Experience Record Form, describing your engineering related experience within the proposed scope of practice - PDF.
  • three references who have known you for a minimum of 12 months - two references must be Professional Engineers in good standing with an Association of Professional Engineers in Canada
  • a one-page summary of your work experience for submission to your references
  • completed company application form, if applicable


 Application Form- PDF 

 Engineering Experience Guide - PDF

 Engineering Experience Record Form - PDF 


Send the completed application with required documents by email to only.  Do not email / send more than one copy of your application as this causes confusion and payment may be charged for each application.


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