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In order to protect staff and visitors from inadvertent exposure to the COVID19 virus, our office will not be accepting any visitors unless they have a scheduled appointment confirmed by Engineers Nova Scotia staff.

Important Contact Details

For applications and required documents, submit by email  applications@engineersnovascotia.ca
For mentor reports, email mentors@engineersnovascotia.ca
National professional practice exam (NPPE) enquiries, email nppe@engineersnovascotia.ca
To order replacement stamps or certificates  orders@engineersnovascotia.ca
For general registration enquiries, email registration@engineersnovascotia.ca
All other enquiries email  Info@engineersnovascotia.ca

A Practice Advice and Guidance document  has been developed to help support members in understanding their professional obligations during this pandemic. It can be found on the News Section of our website CLICK FOR MORE.

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Complaints and Discipline information available here.               

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