Professional Development

Last Updated: January 3, 2017

This page contains information about the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program at Engineers Nova Scotia. A PDF
that describes the program and its requirements is available HERE. If you require further information, please contact Rosalie Hanlon, Outreach Officer at (902) 446-8210 or by EMAIL.

Results of the CPD Program Evaluation (Survey)        
In November, 2011 we sent the evaluation to 3,228 members, and 895 responded. A follow-up evaluation was done in November 2013. This evaluation was sent to 3,305 members, and 824 responses were received. Most recently a survey was sent in November 2015 to 3,517 members and 1050 responses were received. A comparison of the evaluation results shows that understanding of the CPD program has greatly improved over the last several years, and members are more aware of the program. Some observations from the results are:
- 95% of respondents are aware that the CPD program is mandatory for members since 2011. There is still work to be done.
- 72%, up 5% since 2013, of respondents have visited the CPD section of the Engineers Nova Scotia website. 
- Informal education continues to be the method most members use to maintain their competence.
- 40%, up from 1/3 since 2013, of respondents attended one of the CPD sessions held across the province in 2015.  
- 85% of employers support members in attendance at CPD opportunities. 
- Nearly 63% of employers provide time off to attend CPD events and cover the cost of members attendance.
You can see a summary of the results below:
Check the Events Calendar here  for further information on CPD sessions and registration information.

CPD Program Details
Section 5 of the Engineering Profession Act indicates that the objectives of Engineers Nova Scotia specifically include “to assure the general public of the proficiency and competency of professional engineers in the practice of engineering”. Professional engineers are required to maintain their competence in those areas in which they practice. You can find the Engineering Profession Act & By-Laws here.

Under the CPD program, members continue to be responsible for their own professional development. Members must comply with the CPD policy, meaning that they will practice only in their areas of competence. They must show this either by checking a box electronically on their member profile or by another method. Members should keep professional development records for their own purposes; however, Engineers Nova Scotia does not require copies of these records, except for disciplinary or audit purposes. In July 2014 we launched a tool for members to record their PD activities, this is a service we provide you, submission is not required. 

The following groups of members are exempt from the program: 

                             o   Non-resident members licensed at a Canadian Association                        
                             o   Life and Honorary Life members

                             o   Retired Non-practicing members
                             o   Members on parental leave and unemployed members (while not practicing).

NEW:   Recently added to the list of exempt members, are non-resident members licensed at another Constituent Association. This group was added to align with Engineers Nova Scotia’s belief and practice of national mobility. It is hoped that CPD mobility is something that other Constituent Associations will adopt some time in the future.                     


Note: The program began in January 2011, and corresponds to the yearly billing cycle. For 2016, invoices were sent to members starting mid-November, 2015. Members with a valid e-mail address on file receive their invoice notification by e-mail along with instructions for logging on to the “Member and Company Login” section of our website. Those without an e-mail address on file receive their invoice by paper through regular mail. Payment can now be made electronically through the website. A receipt will be available online for retrieval immediately following payment.

Here is a list of resources that relate to the Engineers Nova Scotia CPD program:        

Engineers Nova Scotia Continuing Professional Development Policy -  PDF

            -Engineers Canada Professional Development Guidelines

            - Questions and Answers documentPDF

           - CPD planning form (or PDF) - Use this form to plan your CPD opportunities for the year.
           - CPD tracking form  (or PDF)- Use this form to track your CPD activities you have completed.

For further information on Professional Development, contact Rosalie Hanlon, P.Eng., Professional Development Officer, at: