Member Services

Engineers Nova Scotia provides a number of services for the benefit of our members. Click on the titles below for further information on some of the services currently available.



Professional Liability InsuranceEngineers Nova Scotia Council approved a guideline that members, and member firms, should either carry sufficient professional liability insurance or disclose to the client or potential client the absense of such. For more information, click here.


Secondary Professional Liability InsuranceThe Secondary Professional Liability Insurance Program has been created to assist the engineering and geoscience licensing bodies in their mandate to uphold and protect the safety and interests of the public and environment. Click here.

Engineers Canada ProgramsIf you are a member of the engineering or geoscientist communities, you and your family can take advantage of a number of insurance plans, financial and other services through Engineers Canada’s sponsored initiatives. Visit the Engineers Canada website  here for more information.

Engineers Nova Scotia Frames - Members can now purchase frames to proudly display their company or membership certificates. Click  here.


UPS Shipping Discount - Engineers Canada has partnered with UPS to offer a broad range of services for the transportation of packages and freight for engineering professionals. Visit the Engineers Canada website here for more information.


Progress Magazine Subscription - Members can receive a free subscription to Progress Magazine. Click  here and use promo code ENS.