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Graduates with an undergraduate engineering degree that is not a CEAB degree and does not fall within a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) must apply for an assessment by the Engineers Nova Scotia Board of Examiners. 


The application for assessment can be accessed through our online application portal. Applicants that meet the criteria outlined above must complete the Assessment application type.  


All documents included within the application package must be officially translated to English. Applicants should not submit documents by email unless directed to do so specifically by Registration staff.


Application Requirements

  • Completed online application, submitted through the online application portal
  • Payment of the application fee, fees can be found on the Fees page
  • Degree/diploma certificate(s) for any degrees or diplomas completed
  • Transcripts for any degrees or diplomas completed
  • Course descriptions for any courses completed
    • Course descriptions should correlate with the courses listed on the transcript(s)
    • If official course descriptions are not able to be received from the University, applicants are advised to write a letter to submit with their application to explain why official course descriptions were not provided. Missing course descriptions may impact the outcome of an assessment and result in a more extensive exam program being assigned.
  • Current resume
  • Copy of a valid government issued photo ID
  • Confirmation of proficiency in the English language
  • Detailed engineering experience records
  • A World Education Services (WES) ICAP course credential assessment or equivalent
    • Alternate methods of document authentication will be accepted to meet this application requirement. Applicants can inquire with the Registration team if there are questions about whether a specific documentation authentication agency/method will be accepted.
    • If the WES ICAP credential assessment is submitted, it will include certificates and transcripts. These do not need to be submitted separately by the applicant.
    • Applicants who choose to submit a WES ICAP credential assessment will need to select Engineers Nova Scotia as the recipient. This enables WES to send the completed credential assessment directly to Engineers Nova Scotia.


Note: The WES ICAP or equivalent academic credential assessment does not replace the requirement for an Engineers Nova Scotia Assessment. The primary reason for the WES ICAP assessment or equivalent is to verify and authenticate an applicant’s academic documents.


Application Processing Time

  • An application is considered complete once all application requirements have been submitted. The length of time it takes to get to a completed application will vary by applicant.
  • Once an application is submitted, the online application portal and application status can be used to monitor outstanding requirements that must be submitted before an application can be considered complete.
  • Once an application is complete, applicants can expect to receive a decision on their application within six months.
  • Applicants are encouraged to utilize the online application portal and the application status feature to monitor the status and processing time for their particular application. 
  • Note: application processing time may vary based on office closures and staff availability/workload.