Admission to the Practice of Engineering in Canada

Admission to the Practice of Engineering in Canada


The Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (also known as “Engineers Canada”) is the national organization of the 12 provincial and territorial associations that regulate the profession of engineering in their respective provinces or territories. Engineers Canada establishes national programs and guidelines to ensure consistent standards of engineering education and professional qualifications in Canada. Engineers Canada has developed the following “Public guideline on admission to the practice of engineering in Canada | Engineers Canada”, and that guideline has been adopted for use by Engineers Nova Scotia.


The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) was established by Engineers Canada to accredit Canadian undergraduate engineering programs that meet or exceed educational standards acceptable for professional engineering licensure in Canada. These programs provide the basic elements of professional engineering practice and are the qualifying academic standard.


Program accreditation only occurs when a program allows a student to gain a significant engineering knowledge base which is sufficiently broad in scope. The engineering curriculum must include a knowledge foundation that includes an appreciation of the important elements of many engineering disciplines. The minimum curriculum components for accreditation purposes are set out in the Engineers Canada publication “Accreditation Criteria and Procedures available on the Engineers Canada web site at .


The Engineers Nova Scotia Council has accepted the list of accredited programs as published by Engineers Canada in the Accreditation Criteria and Procedures Report.


Applicants who do not hold degrees from CEAB accredited programs and are not from a Country that has a reciprocal mobility agreement with Canada will have their academic and experience qualifications assessed by the Board of Examiners. These applicants may demonstrate that they are academically qualified through an examination program as assigned by the Board of Examiners based on the Engineers Canada CEQB Examination Syllabus available at For the specific Basic Studies Syllabi, visit Examination Syllabi | Engineers Canada.