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    Required Documents

    Following is a checklist where you can upload files required for your application:  (Please Note Once a file is uploaded, the system closes that requirement.   If you have more than one document to be uploaded in a requirement, click on "Add File" for each separate document, prior to uploading.)  

      B. Contact Information

      Be sure to check your address carefully before continuing.  Include only the number in the PO Box field.  Do not add the Postal Code to the PO Box field.  Do not add a Street Type, if you have already included the street type with the Street Name. 


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      C. Qualifying Discipline

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      D. Qualifications & References


      List only your Bachelor of Engineering Degree and any Post Graduate Engineering Degrees (Master and / or Ph. D.).  Use the letter U for University (as in Dalhousie U).  If your University is not on the list, please select "Other" a box will open to allow you to enter the exact name of your University.  If the University name or Degree are not correct, your application will be delayed. 

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      References are required for first time applications for Full (P.Eng.) Registration, (i.e., EIT to Full, or Assessment to Full).   List three people who have known you for a minimum of one year. Two must be Professional Engineers in good standing with an Association of Professional Engineers in Canada, or State Board in the United States, willing to attest to your character and engineering experience.   References must not be family members.

      References are NOT REQUIRED when applying for Assessment, Engineer-in-TrainingTransfer or  AIT Full Non-Resident who are registered in another engineering association / order in Canada.  Please DO NOT add references for these categories.


      #Name*P. Eng#Engineering Association (if applicable)Email*Phone # *Ext #

      E. Statements & Certification

      Membership in Provincial/State or other Engineering Organizations

      Confirmation of your registration in good standing with another engineering association/ordre in Canada or State Board in the United States will be obtained by Engineers Nova Scotia.

      #Organization *CountryCityMember Number *Expiry Date

      Application Statement *

      Completion of this statement is required 

      Canadian Professional Practice Examination (PPE) Statement *

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      Previous Work Experience in NS

      If you have prior years of experience obtained in Nova Scotia, you will be required to pay EIT dues to claim this experience, up to a maximum of  four (4) years.  List the most recent years of Nova Scotia work experience that you wish to claim.   A separate invoice will be generated in your online account and payment must be made before experience credit will be granted.  Separate the years by commas. 

      F. Professional Development

      Members of Engineers Nova Scotia must maintain competence in their fields of Professional Practice.

      G. Declaration

      By selecting "Submit Application & Pay Now" I give my irrevocable consent for the Association to obtain and to release information and records relevant to the engineering licensure process in Canada. I also hereby release any party providing such information and records from liability for such action.

      I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true record of my education and experience history. I understand that qualifying examinations and/or experience may be assigned to me to fulfill academic and experience criteria for registration or licensure. I may also be required to attend, at my own expense, an interview to assess my qualifications.

      I have read, am familiar with, and agree to be governed by the Act, By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Nova Scotia and all other jurisdictions in which I practice.  I will immediately advise the regulatory bodies in all jurisdictions in which I practice of any disciplinary action taken against me by a regulatory body or any conviction against me for a regulatory or criminal offence.

      Your application for registration has been received by Engineers Nova Scotia and will be reviewed by the Registration Department within 10 business days, if the volume of applications permits.

      When the review is complete and your application is imported to the database, an online account will be set up for you.  You will be notified by email of your user id.  Please allow 10 business days  to receive your login information.  To  login to your account go to  The system will prompt you to set a password. 

      A receipt will be generated in your online account for the dues and fees paid.

      A list of required documents outstanding will be availabe in your online account under Requirements once your application is processed. 


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