Use of Engineering Titles


Engineers Nova Scotia has the statutory duty under the Engineering Profession Act to protect the public interest by taking action to stop non-registrants (individuals, partnerships, associations of persons and corporations) from:

  • Engaging in the unauthorized practise of engineering in Nova Scotia; and
  • Misusing reserved titles that express or imply that they are entitled to practice engineering in Nova Scotia


In Canada, the practise of professional engineering and use of the title engineer, the professional engineer designation “P. Eng.,” and other variations is restricted to those individuals who are licensed by the relevant provincial or territorial engineering regulator(s).


The right to practise engineering and use reserved titles is only valid within the province(s) or territory(ies) where an individual is licensed.


Engineers Nova Scotia licenses registrants who are qualified and competent, assisting them to fulfill their obligation to practice engineering in the best interests of the public. Licensed individuals are held to high professional and ethical standards that require them to work in the public interest and be accountable for the work they perform. It is therefore important that only licensed individuals are using the restricted titles; disregarding the regulated use of these titles can put public safety at risk, mislead the public, and erode trust in the profession.

Claiming to be an engineer in Nova Scotia without being licensed as a professional engineer with Engineers Nova Scotia is against the law. The unauthorized practise of engineering or use of terms or abbreviations that imply someone is licensed with a regulator, when they are not, can result in legal action. Engineers Nova Scotia has the legal authority to enforce against those who improperly practise engineering or use protected titles. Courts can also impose fines and injunctions.

Maintaining the right to practise engineering and use the title engineer and P.Eng. designation requires an individual to provide annual confirmation that they are practising engineering only in their area of competence, along with their compliance with Engineers Nova Scotia’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. Individuals who may have once been recognized as an engineer cannot continue to practise or use the title in perpetuity if they have not fulfilled these practice and CPD requirements.

Additional information on the misuse of reserved titles is available below:



Enforcement Activities

When a potential enforcement matter is brought to Engineers Nova Scotia’s attention, staff will investigate the matter and take appropriate action to address the unlicensed activity. Engineers Nova Scotia also proactively takes measures to address unlicensed activity, such as checking social media profiles, job boards, and company and commercial websites, and confirming acceptable business names with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies in Nova Scotia.


Please contact us if you need any assistance or information regarding the Engineering Profession Act, have concerns regarding the practise of engineering in Nova Scotia, or the appropriate use of job titles.

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