Last updated: September 18, 2018

The Engineers Nova Scotia Sustainbility Committee meets on a monthly basis, and consists of members with an interest in issues related to environmental sustainability. The Terms of Reference of the committee is available  click here. 

Engineers Canada has recently released a National Guideline on Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship for Professional Engineers. Click here to access this Guideline.

Events - Check our Online Event Calendar here for upcoming events. 



Articles written by members of the Sustainability Committee in our magazine The Engineer are below:


      - Socially Responsible Investing, Summer 2019

      - Energy vs. Capacity, Winter 2018

      - Al Gore and Climate Change Training, Winter 2018

     - Sustainability Committee Spotlight, Fall 2018

     - The Myths of Methane in Groundwater, Fall 2018

     - Effecting Change Through Standards, Spring 2018

      - Renewable Power and Clean Energy, Fall & Winter 2017

     - Infrastructure Sustainability, Fall 2017

     - Low Impact Development, Winter 2016

     - Landscaping and Irrigation Using Greywater, Summer 2016

    - Sustainable Landscaping, Summer 2016

    - Sustainable Groundwater Supplies, Summer 2016

    - Sustainable Forestry, Spring 2016 


Articles of Interest and News

The articles and news items below are from external sources and are for information only. They do not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of the Sustainability Committee, or Engineers Nova Scotia Council or Staff.


      - Canada's Changing Climate Report

     - German Electric Vehicles and Emissons Article

     - Southwest Nova Scotia Bright Spot for Solar Power - Chronicle Herald Article April 13, 2019

      - Every BC Vehicle Sold in 2040 Will be Zero Emissions - BC Government Says 

     -  California Sets Goal of 100% Renewable Electric Power by 2045 

     - Do you flush your contact lenses? Here's why you should stop - CNN

    - Climate Lns, General Guidance Document

    - Enfield Residents Test Tesla Power Wall

   Tesla is accelerating the end of your local power producer

     - Worlds First Plastic Free Supermarket Aisle

     - The World Doubled its Solar Power Capacity in 2016

     - German Institute Successfully Tests Underwater Energy Storage Sphere

     - Groundwater Sustainability Assessment Approach Guidance: Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment




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