Women in Engineering Committee

Engineers Nova Scotia formally established the Women In Engineering Committee in 2014.


Vision:              To promote the increased participation and advancement of women in the engineering profession.

Purpose:           To actively work towards the goal of having 30% of newly licensed engineers as women by 2030 and to support the female members of Engineers Nova Scotia through planning and promotion of networking and outreach activities. 


Recently, in recognition of the interest and opportunities, the Committee created four sub-Committees that all Engineers Nova Scotia members are welcome to be part of. Here is a list of those sub-Committees, their purpose and some potential projects. 

1) Youth Engagement: provide advice on areas of focus for youth engagement, review current efforts and identify opportunities for improvement.

  •          Scholarships
  •          Girl Guides / Scouts
  •          Junior High and High School outreach


2) Improving Work Conditions: identify opportunities to promote supportive work environments

  •          Best practices guide development
  •          Award criteria
  •          Welcoming Workplaces Award/Recognition
  •          Database of resources


3) General Public Awareness: identify and deliver opportunities to promote women in engineering.  This may include policy advice and planning of events. 

  •          Spotlight
  •          Nominations
  •          Promotion of award winners
  •          Social Media


4) Supporting Women in Engineering: Will identify and deliver opportunities to support our female members, this may include policy advice and planning of events.

  •          Networking Events
  •          Mentorship
  •          CPD sessions / workshops


If you are interested in contributing to one of these sub-Committees please send an email to Rosalie@engineersnovascotia.ca identifying which sub-Committee you are most interested in. 

To join the Women In Engineering on LinkedIn click HERE



Managing Transitions Guide - Engineers Canada

Engineers Canada, in partnership with Geoscientists Canada, recently released Managing Transitions: Before, During and After Leave, which is intended to assist engineers and geoscientists who are considering maternity or parental leave and their employers. It provides extensive checklists and outlines steps that individuals, supervisors and companies can take to help smoothly off and on ramp employees taking a leave of absence.

“This guide will be a tremendous resource for new parents and for their employers,” said Kim Allen, FEC, P.Eng., the Chief Executive Officer of Engineers Canada. “The guide and its recommendations will go a long way to creating welcoming workplaces in the engineering and geoscience professions with good leave practices that will attract talented employees.”

Engineers Canada and Geoscientists Canada are both dedicated to enhancing gender diversity in their respective professions, where women remain under-represented.

Engineers Canada and Geoscientists Canada thank the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Alberta (APEGA), and acknowledge the groundbreaking work done by the women and men of the Women in APEGA group. That group created the foundational document, Managing Transitions: Before, During and After Leave, upon which this national guide is based.

Engineers Canada also thanks its Sustainable Profession Committee for their contribution to this national guide.


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Rosalie Hanlon, Professional Development Officer, is the Staff support for this Committee. If you have any questions about

the Committee, including upcoming events or getting involved, please contact her.