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You can request a status change for the following: 1. Half-DuesRequests can be submitted for the following reasons: - on maternity or parental leave, - unemployed or - attending university full time - confirmation of full time attendance is required from the University) 2. Retired Non-Practicing - Must be retired and not practicing engineering. 3. Resignation in good standing - I... continue reading »
In 2013, Engineers Nova Scotia Council approved a motion to create a registrant category for limited licensure. A limited engineering license is a license to practice professional engineering within a well defined and limited scope of practice. This category of registration is for individuals who have academic qualifications other than a university engineering degree, who have gained several ye... continue reading »
The Board of Examiners assessesacademic qualifications and determines the requirements for registration. The standard for registration in Canada is an undergraduate degree in engineering accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board of Engineers Canada. If yougraduated from a non-accredited engineering program you may be required to write technical exams that demonstrate yourknowledge... continue reading »
Register for the NPPE through theEventspage on the Engineers Nova Scotia website. Please refer to the schedule of exam and workshop dates belowto determine when registration opens for an examsession.Registration for the next exam opens after the application deadline for the previous exam. Schedule of Exam and Workshop Dates 2023 / 2024 PP Workshop Dates * ... continue reading »
Complete this form to order a replacement stamp or certificate Replacement Stamp or Certificate Order Form
The Board of Examiners (BOE) may assign the FE exam option on its own or with other technical exams to confirm your technical engineering knowledge. The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) in the United States administers this exam. Do not take the FE exam before receiving a decision from the BOE, as you may not need to take the exam. If you decide to take t... continue reading »
Complete the new Online Student Application form click here. What are the benefits of student registration? Improve the relationship between the student body, and Engineers Nova Scotia Increased awareness of the profession Provide a smooth transition for registration to the EIT Program Receive the Association publications and notices of events Provide opportunities for students to attend... continue reading »
The following is a list of internal and external resources that may be of benefit to your organization. Use of Engineers Nova Scotia's Logo NEW Engineers Nova Scotia has recently adopted a new process to requestthe use of Engineers Nova Scotia's Logo. If you are a registered Corporate Member/Sole Practitioner,you may wish to consider the use of our logo as a tool to re-assure the public that you... continue reading »
The following list outlines Engineers Nova Scotia members who hold a Limited Engineering License. Click on the names below to access more information related to their individual scope of practice. -Ghislain G. Losier -Michael Myatt -Steve R. Schaller - ​Christa Specht - Carrie D. Strachan If you have additional questions rega... continue reading »
Engineers-in-Training (EITs) formerly registered with Engineers Nova Scotia who wish to become active again would apply for reinstatement. Reinstatement from Resigned You must upload the following documents with your application: ​CompletedOnline Applicationfor EIT ​When you are ready to submit your online application, you will be asked to Submit Application and Pay Now.You will be r... continue reading »