Nominations from Membership At Large

As detailed in the Engineers Nova Scotia By-Laws Section 6(2)(b):
Any ten members of the Association may submit nominations for candidates for any or all of the offices of President, Vice-President and Members of Council. Nominations shall be in writing signed by all the nominators, and shall be accompanied by the consent in writing of the member(s) so nominated. Nominations may include a single name only but shall include not more than one name for President, one name for Vice-President, and two names of members resident in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), and two names of members resident in Nova Scotia outside of the HRM, for members of the Council.
All of the nominees for President shall be, in alternate years, a resident of the HRM, or a resident of Nova Scotia residing outside the HRM. When the nominees for President are residents of the HRM, all of the nominees for Vice-President shall be residents of Nova Scotia outside the HRM, and vice-versa.

For the 2023 elections the nominee(s) for President shall reside outside HRM and the nominee(s) for Vice-President shall reside inside HRM.
Nominees for President and Vice-President shall have had previous experience on Council.
Once the deadline for Nominations from the Membership at Large has expired, the official notification of nominees for Council will be published. 
Pal Mann, P.Eng., CD
Chief Executive Officer and Secretary                                                                                 

Nominations to be forwarded to the CEO and Secretary
 **The  Form HERE must be completed and forwarded with the nomination