Role of the Student Affairs Committee

Role of Committee
  • To recommend and implement award programs for students at all levels
  • To make students aware of the professional association
  • To promote Engineers Nova Scotia among engineering students
  • To study and make recommendations relating to services for students at all levels
  • To support appropriate activities at Dalhousie University and the Associated Universities
  • To maintain and continue liaisons with the Nova Scotia Department of Education, guidance councillors and teachers
  • To maintain a list of members willing to promote Engineers Nova Scotia and engineering through Career Day participation and other speaking events

Members of the SAC Committee 
Note: there are numerous volunteer members for SAC only the chair and staff liaison are listed below.
  • Christine Bonnell-Eisnor, MBA, P.Eng.     
  • Heidi McKnight-Whitford, P.Eng. (Staff)     
  • Christine Larocque (Staff)                                            
The Student Affairs Committee's (SAC) mandate is to provide information to students and educators regarding the engineering profession and to promote engineering as a career opportunity at the appropriate levels. To fulfill this mandate, the Committee participates in and/or supports various activities throughout the year. These activities are divided into two major groups: funding activities; and promotional activities.
Funding Activities
In the past year, the SAC has distributed, from a total budget of just over $53,000, a total of $31,000 is paid in Scholarships and Bursaries to students at Dalhousie University and Associated Universities, in recognition of achievement in both academic work and extracurricular participation. This was done under the Dalhousie University Awards and Scholarship Program. $6000 is directed towards funding Engineering Undergraduate Society activities and student sponsorships.
Promotional Activities
The opportunity to meet with and discuss the engineering profession with students and educators is an important function for the SAC. To achieve this the SAC (with the support of other committees and individual engineers throughout the Province) provides:
  • speakers in the classroom at schools;
  • table top displays at school career days/fairs;
  • judges for Science Fairs;
  • an information booth at Dalhousie University Sexton Campus on registration day;
  • sponsorship for student/professional events at Dalhousie Univerity and other Assoiated universities.
"Thank You..."
A thank you is extended to the Engineers Nova Scotia members who volunteered to visit the schools and speak with the students 
If you are a member of Engineers Nova Scotia and are willing to volunteer some time to assist the SAC in fulfilling requests for speakers, science fair judges, etc., please contact Heidi McKnight-Whitford (