CPD Survey Results

Results of the CPD Program Evaluation (Survey)        

Since 2011, Engineers Nova Scotia has conducted a CPD Program Evaluation every two years to gauge understanding of our Continuing Professional Development Program and to identify possible areas of improvement.  The most recent survey was distributed in October 2017 to 3,774 members and 1,530 responses were received. Survey response is up 11% from 2015, where 3,517 members were sent the survey and 1,050 responses were received.  Evaluation results show that understanding of the CPD program has greatly improved over the last several years.  Some observations from the results are:

- 95% of respondents are aware that the CPD program is mandatory for members since 2011. There is still work to be done.

- 80% of respondents have visited the CPD section of the Engineers Nova Scotia website.  This represents an 8% increase since 2015.

- Informal Education continues to be the method used by most members to maintain their competence.

- 39% of respondents attended one of the CPD sessions held across the province in 2017.  

- 81% of employers support member attendance at CPD opportunities. 

- 55% of employers provide time off to attend CPD events and cover the member's cost of attendance.

You can see a summary of the results below: