Participation Opportunities

Participation in professional, technical or managerial associations or societies enable interaction with peers and expose one to new ideas and technologies. Participation in community endeavours allows the engineer to engage the engineering profession in the wider community and allow the engineer to develop personal skills, such as leadership, organization, teamwork, and delegation. These activities enhance societal awareness of engineering’s contributions to their communities. Participation activities may include: 

-       Acting as a mentor or an academic supervisor to an engineer-in-training or a less experienced professional member.
-       Serving on a public body that draws on professional expertise.
-       Serving on boards or committees of professional, charitable or community based organizations.
-       Service on ad-hoc committees of a technical or professional nature or managerial associations or societies.
-       Presenting to schools, career days, judging science fairs, national engineering week, etc.
-       Activities that contribute to the community which require professional and ethical behavior, but not necessarily the 
        application of technical knowledge. These activities include active service for charitable, community, religious or 
        service organizations, coaching league sports teams, or elected public service at municipal, provincial or federal 
        levels or on school boards. (There is a limit of 10 PDH’s per year for these community activities.)

      Every one (1) hour of activity qualifies as one (1) PDH.  The engineer may claim a maximum of 20 total PDH’s per
      year for this activity.

The following list contains links to some of the organizations where PDH's can be earned.

Engineers Nova Scotia Young Professionals Group
Engineers Nova Scotia is in the process of forming a Young Professionals group to foster pride and participation in Engineers Nova Scotia activities for Engineers-in-Training and new Professional Engineers. More information can be obtained here.

Mentorship Opportunities

ISANS Mentorship Program
The Mentoring Program links practicing or recently retired professionals and skilled immigrants in the same occupation, and provides a valuable learning opportunity for those involved. Mentors can provide informal advice, connections, moral support, and entry into professional networks that allow a skilled immigrant to break into the job market at a level commensurate with her or his training and education.


SMU/NSCAD University Sandbox Project
The Sandbox Project is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will provide university students the opportunity to socialize, create, percolate and launch entrepreneurial ideas. Engineers Nova Scotia members can get involved through the Professional Advice Roster part of the project.  

As ideas are developed there are often specific questions that arise that can only be answered by a professional in a specific field. Using existing models from other programs like the Next 36, the sandbox will create a roster of professional advisors. Unlike mentors, people on the roster will be recruited to provide specific information to sandbox participants. Professionals will be asked to participate on the roster by volunteering a set number of hours to the roster (5 - 10hrs). Once their hour contribution has been used up by participants they will be offered the opportunity to extend their participation by contributing more hours or they will be removed from the roster.


Members interested in volunteering their time to help budding entrepreneurs through the Community Sandbox can contact Project Coordinator Kelsey Webb at or at 902-491-6510 weekdays. 

Greater Halifax Partnership

The Partnership’s Connector Program is a simple yet effective networking program that helps newcomers and young and emerging talent build a professional network, connect with career opportunities in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and settle successfully in our community.

It puts pre-qualified job seekers directly in touch with business people, civil servants, and community leaders - people like you - who volunteer as Connectors. The Connector Program gives you access to the global marketplace by putting you directly in touch with skilled newcomers to our community. By getting involved you help yourself, you help talented people connect with job opportunities, you help Halifax become a more welcoming community, and you help your industry and our city to grow.

More details are available HERE

If you are interested in participating in this minimal but impactful opportunity, please contact Sasha Sears, Project Coordinator at: or 902-490-5510. 

Ten Thousand Coffees is the world’s first movement connecting people with mutual interests to engage in meaningful conversation, exchange ideas and spark insights. Since launch in January 2014, thousands of students, young professionals, government, organizations and industry leaders spanning 30+ industries nationwide have joined the movement - and the network continues to grow! Getting involved is easy, visit and create a profile detailing who you are - highlight your interests, skills and experiences and what you want to talk about. Discover the power of a coffee conversation, join the movement today and browse our network of professional engineers. You never know where a coffee will take you.

International Development 

Engineers Without Borders
Engineers Without Borders is a movement of professional engineers, students, overseas volunteer staff, and supporters across Canada. They believe that the next generation of rural Africans should have the same opportunities to improve their lives, that is available here in Canada. For further information, check out the website of the Dalhousie University chapter at

CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization)
CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1967 with the mandate of providing Canadian consulting experience to client businesses and organizations in developing nations, new free market economies as well as Canadian Aboriginal communities. CESO is currently looking for Professional Engineers to join the Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO) roster base. Specifically, our needs are for engineers that have experience in the fields of ISO / Quality Management and Manufacturing. Please visit for more information.

If you represent a professional, technical or managerial association or society and would like to have your information linked on this page, please send an e-mail to



Halifax Tool Library

It’s as simple as it sounds: a library that lends tools. It will also one day be a workshop where residents can work on projects and teach each other how. We seek to remove barriers so that apartment dwellers, students, low-income residents, and non-profits can work on anything they desire.


Phoenix Youth Programs | Because Youth Matter

Phoenix is a non-profit, community based organization located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At Phoenix we believe people matter – all people.  Since 1987, Phoenix has been dedicated to supporting youth between the ages of 11 and 24, families, and communities across multiple locations in Halifax.  Our team of caring professionals recognizes that each person who comes to us has unique needs and personal strengths. We believe that people are the leaders in their own lives; Phoenix is a leader in supporting them. 

Phoenix is thrilled to have the support of over 300 volunteers from our community with diverse skills, interests and backgrounds! From workshops to preparing meals, facility maintenance to events committees, there are many ways to get involved. To learn more about Phoenix's volunteer programs check out our Volunteer Section.