Organizational Announcement

Mar 22, 2018 12:00 AM

Organization Announcement


I am pleased to announce several organizational realignments at Engineers Nova Scotia. These changes are being made to recognize our continued growth in both size and complexity, clarify existing responsibilities, and recognize new initiatives such as our expanded outreach program and our efforts to bring more diversity to the engineering profession. The new structure also brings us more in line with the other engineering regulatory bodies across Canada.


Kris Dove, MBA, P.Eng. will move into the new position of Chief Operating Officer. In that position Kris will be responsible for all of our physical assets including our building and various computer systems. In addition to continuing his current responsibilities for our complaints and discipline processes, continuing professional development and our overall communications and information technology programs, Kris will also assume responsibility for our insurance portfolio, which includes our policies for directors and officers insurance, corporate identity protection, business interruption insurance, asset protection and secondary liability insurance. Nationally, Kris will continue his role as Chair of the Practice Officials Group and as a member of the Discipline and Enforcement Officials Group.

Kris will also retain his responsibilities as association Treasurer, where he will continue to guide our financial processes and systems as well as maintain responsibility for our investment portfolio and various banking relationships.


Rosalie Hanlon, P.Eng. will move into the new position of Director Outreach and Partnerships. In that role, Rosalie will retain her responsibilities for our Outreach Program and our strategic partnerships with government and community organizations and other partners as we continue to strengthen our contacts with both students and the general public. She will also continue to assist Kris by working with professional development providers to link members with ongoing professional development opportunities. Rosalie will coordinate and monitor our insurance affinity agreements with Engineers Canada, and will be available for other special projects as required. She will continue in her role as Chair of the Internationally Educated Engineers, Technicians and Technologists Working Group.


Our Director of Registration Sandra Oickle, FEC (Hon.) will continue in her current role, but will also assume responsibility for our company and sole proprietor licensing programs. Under Sandra’s leadership our Registration area continues to process some 500 applications and other changes each year, as we continue to grow by some 200 members annually. Sandra will continue in her role as a member of the National Admissions Officials Group and will remain responsible for our annual reporting and assessments under the Fair Registration Practices Act.

All three individuals will report directly to me.


Len White, MBA, CPA, CGA, P.Eng., FEC

CEO and Registrar                                                                                                                           


March 20, 2018