Fair Registration Practices Act Review

Jun 12, 2017 3:00 PM

Engineers Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the completion of the Fair Registration Practices Act (FRPA) Review. The FRPA Review Office oversees Regulators in the province with the goal of ensuring all registration practices are fair and transparent. In March 2017, Engineers Nova Scotia's licensing processes were deemed to be "fully compliant with the FRPA." The Review Office went on to state the association is "a leader among regulatory bodies in its support for the development of licensing systems that are objective, transparent and procedurally fair."


The complete FRPA Review Office letter is available here and the final report is available here


The Association would like to specifically acknowledge the ongoing efforts of the Internationally Educated Engineers Multi-stakeholder Working Group, led by Jan Sheppard-Kutcher, FEC (Hon), of the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia. Her efforts to bring together various stakeholders to identify and address barriers to licensure has resulted in significant benefit to our association, profession and the general public. The Association would also like to acknowledge the Government of Nova Scotia for funding provided through the International Qualifications Recognition program for the plain language re-write of our website in 2014.