2022 Annual Report and Supporting Business Meeting Materials

Sep 8, 2022 12:00 AM

2022 Annual Report

2021/22 Audited Financial Statements

2022-23 Budget


As we continue the practice of in-person and virtual participation for the Annual Business Meeting, , the following guidelines and rules developed in 2021, will be applicable to the 2022 Hybrid Annual Business Meeting on 16 September 2022. 

COVID-19 Sensitivities

For our in-person participants, large gatherings can still be stressful for many and we all have varying tolerances for personal space and contact. It is common courtesy to respect everyone’s individual concerns and apprehensions regarding coronavirus.

Professional Expectations

As always, we ask that all participants embody our code of ethics when posing questions or, sharing ideas and observations, particularly fostering inclusivity and respecting the diversity within our profession. As professionals we are obliged to “treat equitably and promote the equitable treatment of all clients, colleagues and co-workers, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, marital or family status, and national origin.”

Pre Meeting

  • In-person attendees should sign the official register and obtain a voting card upon registration.
  • Livestream attendees should complete the test of their voting options over the virtual platform prior to the meeting.
  • Livestream attendees will be muted by default upon access to the platform
  • For our in-Person participants, we ask that you turn off or silence your mobile devices for the duration of the Business Meeting.

Discussion During the Meeting

  • The Business Meeting Agenda will be approved, and the format will provide opportunities throughout the meeting for attendees (livestreaming and in-person) to engage in discussion and ask questions. 
  • There will be a limit of 15 minutes discussion allocated to any given Agenda Item.
  • The Moderator will control the questions for all participants ensuring both in-person and Livestream participants have an equal opportunity to participate
    • In-Person participants will be able to speak for themselves once acknowledged by the Chair or the Moderator
    • Comments/questions from the Livestream participants that are shared via the Online Chat function will be read aloud by the Moderator
  • Questions/commentary is limited to 2 minutes; any follow-up questions/comments will only be entertained after all other registrants have had the opportunity to pose their questions. 
  • Given time constraints, questions received that may require a more in-depth response will be recorded and answered outside of the Business Meeting environment to allow for the Business Meeting to proceed in a timely manner.  If needed,  answers to questions that impact all registrants will be shared on our website.

Moving and Seconding of Motions

  • The Moderator will inform the Chair who has moved and seconded motions. Moving and seconding will be done by raising hands if in-person, or by using the online chat feature if livestreaming.


The hybrid format requires guidelines on voting to ensure we capture the votes from both the in-person and livestream participants:

  • Only those who are Engineers Nova Scotia professional engineers and engineers in training in good standing will be able to vote; guests will not.
  • Once all discussion from Livestream and In-Person has been completed, the vote will be called.
    • For Livestream participants the voting poll will be opened and will appear on your screen. You may select your vote, and the results will appear in real-time on your screen.
    • In-Person participants will vote using their voting card.
  • Votes will be counted officially only if it is unclear whether the majority of in-person and livestream voters are “for” or “against” a motion