2021 Salary Survey Now Available!

Dec 1, 2021 12:00 AM

We would like to thank the 34% of our registrants who participated in the 2021 Salary Survey, the results of which are presented alongside  the responses from the participating registrants from all Atlantic Canadian provinces. The salary survey can be downloaded HERE

Engineers Nova Scotia has also received the uncollated data for Part II (Equity Diversity and Inclusivity), and Part III (Maternity/Parental Leave Benefit) questions. Reponses to Parts II and III provide a snapshot in time, and once reviewed may be used to assist Engineers Nova Scotia in developing its strategic objectives as a progressive, accessible, and trusted regulator of the engineering profession.  Once the final results for Parts II and III are reviewed by Council for relevancy, utility, and applicability, in early 2022 Engineers Nova Scotia will provide feedback to our registrants related to the insightful responses to Parts II and III of the survey.