On-line Iron Ring Ceremony Announcement

Sep 9, 2020 12:00 AM

The Wardens of Camp 7 Halifax are very happy to announce we have been given permission from The Corporation of Seven Wardens Inc. to proceed with holding an Online Iron Ring Ceremony for the candidates who were registered for the March 2020 ceremony that was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • The online ceremony will take place in November 2020, with date to be finalized early this Fall.
  • Candidates must participate in the online ceremony and take the Obligation in order to receive their rings
  • Rings will be sent by mail following the ceremony to candidates who participated in the online ceremony
  • More information will follow on how you will be able to access the online ceremony.
  • For our student candidates registered for the 2020 ceremony, please keep an eye on your Dalhousie email accounts.  We will be contacting you in September 2020 to secure your mailing address where rings can be sent after the ceremony. 
  • For our senior candidates, we will also be contacting you by the email address provided on your registration forms.
  • The Fall 2020 online ceremony will only be open to the iron ring candidates who were previously registered for the March 2020 ceremony.  We will not be accepting any new registrations for this Fall 2020 online ceremony.
  • Our webpage will continue to carry the most up to date information on the upcoming online ceremony (https://alumni.dal.ca/get-involved/faculties/engineering/iron-ring/2019-iron-ring-ceremony/)

We appreciate your patience over the past months and continue to work towards ensuring you all will be able to take the Obligation and receive your rings before year’s end as part of the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer.

The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer has been a uniquely Canadian tradition for almost 100 years and is administered by The Corporation of the Seven Wardens Inc.  The Obligation Ceremony where Iron Rings are presented to engineering graduates and other qualified obligants is held in every Canadian community where Engineering is taught, by one of 27 local ‘Camps’.  More than 440,000 Engineers have been obligated in Canada.  Iron Rings are worn by many Engineers in Canada, reminding those who wear it, and others, of their ethical obligation to live by a high standard of professional conduct in the service of the public.  The Iron Ring is not a symbol of registration to practice as an Engineer in Canada. Qualification and registration to practice is the role and responsibility of the provincial and territorial licensing bodies.

-The Wardens of Camp 7 Halifax