Entrepreneur Growth Summit - Halifax

Apr 6, 2019 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM

Halifax Harbourfront Marriott, 1919 Upper Water Street, Halifax

We’ve listened. We’ve been there.

The Entrepreneur Growth Summit is the event you all have asked for.

It is the combination of:

  • great motivational and experienced-in-the-field speakers who will share their experiences and key takeaways for growth of our audience
  • quality workshops delivered by prominent business leaders delivering advice and ready-to-go actions you can apply immediately
  • an expo of reputable businesses that can help you GROW. INSPIRE. LEAD.

You will leave with an increased business network, real actionable take-a-ways that you can apply to your business to help you grow and compete in your industry.

Our mission is to make a difference.

We all have our own “Why” for starting our business. As your journey of entrepreneurship continues, we want to join you , for one day, to help you:

  • grow your business
  • be a leader
  • inspire those around you.

This Summit is all about YOU!


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