Flood Control, Land Drainage and Stormwater Management - Halifax

Oct 29, 2018 - Oct 30, 2018


After participating in this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Selecting and estimating design events,
  • Apply new techniques to enhance the protection of life and property from flood damage select computer software for application in flood control and urban drainage design
  • Be familiar with decisions policy makers, agency staff and designers have to make
  • Apply emerging techniques for stormwater quantity, quality and erosion control
  • Broaden your understanding of the fundamental hydrology and hydraulic issues


This course describes the skills you require to understand the hydrology, hydraulic and statistical computations needed to select and analyze flood protection and stormwater control alternatives. The course aims to make sense of this complex topic and to assist in selecting the best approach. It focuses on the practical application of sound planning and design practices, and specific flood control and stormwater management techniques while exposing you to emerging practices.

Emphasis will be on demonstrating the pro’s and con’s of alternative design and implementation strategies, the pitfalls that should be avoided, and the design features that characterize successful systems.


Course Outline:

  • Flood Control Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Selection of Design Criteria for Flood Control
  • Methods of Computing Flows Based on Rainfall
  • Hydraulic Modeling of Flows and Flood Levels
  • Flood Plain mapping
  • Land drainage
  • Alternative Urban Stormwater Best Management Practices
  • How to Select Stormwater Best Management Facilities
  • Brief review of drainage design computer software
  • Workshop


Who Should Attend:
Municipal Engineers and Technologists • Civil Engineers and Technologists • Developers • Planners • Consultants • Approval Agency Staff and Other Technical Personnel Responsible for Flood Control and Drainage Projects

All notes will be provided on USBs for this offering so please bring your laptop or tablet with a USB port to load the presentation material as well as follow along. Instructor also recommends that you bring a laptop with Adobe Reader, Excel, and a web browser. If you can’t then please bring a calculator since it is required for the exercises.


Details and registration: https://www.epictraining.ca/course/14546/halifax/flood-control-land-drainage-and-stormwater-management