Housing Trust of Nova Scotia Membership Opportunity

Sep 28, 2023 - Oct 30, 2023

The Housing Trust of Nova Scotia is undergoing rapid growth and increasing impact on households throughout Nova Scotia. To support that growth and director succession planning, we are seeking new members with high levels of expertise and experience in areas related to the real estate, development, and construction industries, and board members that are representative of the Nova Scotia community. 

Membership with the Housing Trust is an exciting and collaborative opportunity to advance solutions to the housing crisis and to make a difference in the lives of many Nova Scotians. Members take part in committees and are eligible for election to the Housing Trust’s Board of Directors at its Annual General Meetings.

The Housing Trust 

The Housing Trust was created in 2009 to play a role in creating vibrant, diverse, and livable communities. Its primary mission is to provide affordable or attainable housing for low and moderate-income working households. We work in communities experiencing gentrification and increasing average rents, and in communities where there is an opportunity to provide community-based non-profit housing as an option. Each of our buildings will offer a mix of affordable and closer to market rents to ensure the maximum number of affordable units while also achieving sustainability, facilitating growth, and maintaining quality homes.

Our housing will serve people who serve their community but can’t afford to live in it – including custodians, health care workers, shelter staff, hotel workers, artists, cultural workers, new graduates, young professionals, restaurant workers, and many more. Our tenants will include seniors and people living with disabilities. We also see the potential of working in close collaboration with other community-serving groups that provide support to tenants who are part of priority groups.

Accelerated Impact

In 2022 the Housing Trust pivoted from a development strategy to an acquisition strategy to accelerate and maximize its impact. One June 30, 2022, it acquired five buildings comprised of 295 units. The buildings are from the 1960s – 1970s era and offer affordable rent structures compared to new buildings. The buildings require a great deal of investment (and expertise) over the coming three years due to their age and deferred capital expenditure.

In 2023 the Housing Trust expanded its scope by partnering with Nova Scotia’s Municipal Affairs and Housing to place a minimum of fifty housing units across Nova Scotia for healthcare and other skilled workers. These homes will be an important part of helping communities retain a skilled workforce.

The Housing Trust has set a target of acquiring 1000 units of affordable housing over the next five years, transitioning many units from the private sector to the community sector where their affordability will be protected, and building new in partnership with government, community-based organizations, or the private sector throughout Nova Scotia.

Skills and Expertise

The Board of Directors has endorsed a member recruitment plan to improve gender balance and include geographic representation with individuals with expertise and experience in the following areas: 

  • Development/construction management
  • Real estate law
  • Real estate finance
  • Public relations/communications
  • Green building
  • Property management/accounting
  • Architecture/engineering
  • Government relations
  • Urban planning
  • Governance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Program Funding

Board of Directors Succession Planning

The Housing Trust’s Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from the for-profit real estate sector. The concentration of expertise and experience is regarded as an advantage and one that has facilitated our growth. In general, directors will be selected from the Membership and have experience on a Housing Trust committee.

Six of the founding Board members remain on the Board. Over the past six years, the Board has also been supported by two advisors with legal and financial expertise. The Housing Trust’s bylaws allow for not less than five or more than fifteen directors. Director roles are volunteer and unpaid. 

Member and Director Expectations


Members are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting, participate in at least one committee, or be available for consultation as required. Committee meetings are primarily virtual.

Members should consider their potential contribution as Directors.

Board of Directors

The Housing Trust Board of Directors are expected to attend in-person quarterly meetings and take part in at least one committee. Availability on short notice for virtual board meetings can be required.

Directors are elected for a one-year term, resigning just prior to the Annual General Meeting where they can be reelected. They are expected to commit to at least three years but not more than eight.

Directors (and members) are also required to sign a conflict-of-interest declaration and confidentiality agreement.

Membership and Director Priority Recruitment Areas

Individuals with skills and expertise in any of the areas listed above are invited to express their interest in Membership and in joining the Housing Trust’s Board of Directors.

The Housing Trust plans to acquire and build additional units. There is an opportunity for additional support for finance activities, public relations and communications, and property management/accounting to help us achieve our goals.  

With major revitalization taking place at the five buildings in the Halifax Regional Municipality, the Building Committee is seeking members with experience in all aspects of building revitalization, including structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Experience with modular development is also identified as a priority. 


If you are interested in being considered for membership or a director role with the Housing Trust Board of Directors, please respond with your resume and cover letter, expressing why the role is of interest to you and how you can help advance the Housing trust’s goals and objectives to executivedirector@housingtrust.ca 

Expressions of interest must be received by October 30, 2023 (TBC).

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed and can ask questions about the Housing Trust, its committees, and Board of Directors. References may be requested. Members are volunteers and unpaid.