Workplace Culture Spring Program - EDI (ISANS)

Jan 20, 2022 - Jun 30, 2022

Gateway to an Intercultural Workplace90 minutes - For staff, managers and directors

This is the Gateway to all our workshops. We raise awareness and help increase conversations within your organization around intercultural issues and opportunities. We identify the value immigrants bring to workplaces and how they can vitally contribute to an improved workplace culture for ALL your people.

Intercultural Skill Sets and Organizational Success90 minutes - For staff, managers and directors

In this workshop, we get beyond “cultural fit,” and provide guidance for “cultural contribution.” We engage skill sets specific to intercultural situations and we enhance your capacity to guide your workplace culture.

Recruitment and Interviews: Intercultural Barriers and Solutions (Part 1)

90 minutes - For staff, managers and directors with interest in recruitment and interviews

In Part 1, as a collaborative activity we identify barriers that interfere with recruitment and interviewing effectively for immigrant newcomers, and we generate solutions.

Onboarding and Retention: Intercultural Barriers and Solutions (Part 2) 
90 Minutes - For staff, managers and directors with interest in onboarding and retention

In Part 2, as a collaborative activity we examine barriers that interfere with onboarding and retaining immigrant newcomer talent, and we generate solutions.

Virtual Presentations
We have a range of excellent virtual presentations, where audio/video interaction is a lower priority. We still love you to speak up and add experiences, but we are omitting the jamboards and breakout rooms. Employer-arranged and industry-focused sessions are also available.

Leveraging your Workplace Culture

2 hours: For Managers, Directors and those with an overview of organizational performance

This is your “sneak preview” of our assessment tool available to employers once they have sufficiently engaged with our workshops. We cover workplace culture, immigrant talent and cultural contributions. We review six key areas for organizational development, and show how these areas align to five stages ranging from pre-awareness to proficient.

Overview of Workplace Culture Program 60 minutes: For staff, managers and directors

Join us for a great overview to the ISANS Workplace Culture Program. What we do, why we do it, and how it makes a difference to forward thinking employers across Nova Scotia. No question too large or small. You will find yourself asking, “Why didn’t I do this years ago?”

Intercultural 101  75 minutes: For staff, managers and directors

We lay out the terms, the ideas and the foundation to give you a running start building an intercultural workplace. This gets you familiar with the big picture, before you dive into details.