Discover E's Persist Series: At The Intersection: Black Women In STEM Imagine Tomorrow

Sep 15, 2021 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM



Despite record numbers of Black women earning higher education degrees in STEM, only 5% of managerial jobs in STEM are held by Black women and men combined. We can't expect women of color to remain in work environments where they can't grow and thrive. It's imperative that we propel women of color into new levels of leadership in STEM fields.


Join us for a discussion on how women of color in STEM are overcoming sexism and racism to hold important titles and positions, making groundbreaking discoveries, and pushing the boundaries of who is included in the next generation of STEM innovators.


Featured Speaker: Tiana Conley (Kellogg Company)

Q&A Moderator: Mariah Dixon (UL)

Q&A Speaker: Angelitha Daniel (NC State University)

Q&A Speaker: Lakithia Williams (Peloton Interactive)


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