Halifax Chamber Business Support Series: The SuperPower of Employee Engagement During COVID

Sep 28, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


The difference between a business thriving or simply surviving lies in the energy the team brings to its day-to-day challenges.


This webinar shares practical and powerful actions leaders can take to support their teams so they can flourish personally and fulfill the business' vision, even in the toughest of times.


Speaking to the uncompromising individual who wants to attain passionate engagement and tap into their superpower.

Employee engagement has been proven to impact productivity (20-40% increases), innovation (triple the number of ideas) and double-digit increases in profitability.


Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • The proven "recipe" to achieve passion at work

  • 5 Critical Leadership Practices during COVID

  • Easy-to-apply, Science-based Engagement Model



Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, Spark Engagement Inc.


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