Leading a Cohesive Team – Ensure team members are aligned and motivated to achieve results - Online

Dec 11, 2020 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Are you confident your team has the clarity, focus and energy to crush it in 2021?

It’s no secret that the past 8 months have been challenging and the need for businesses to evolve will continue for the foreseeable future. Change and uncertainty puts strain on team members and impacts their ability to function as a cohesive group. 

As a leader, you want to provide clarity and direction in a way that inspires action and maximizes your team’s ability to work together to achieve desired results.

Teams that lack trust and clarity are bound to struggle. They waste time and energy with distractions like; unproductive conflict, slow/poor decision making and misaligned actions. These teams are disengaged, lack efficiency and are less profitable.  According to Gallup, the cost of a disengaged team is 34% of their total salaries!

Wise leaders are committed to improving performance and dedicate time to ensure their teams are set up for success. Now, more than ever, the focus is on working together for the benefit of both the employer and the employee.

If you are a leader who is frustrated that your team is not consistently meeting goals, achieving targets and delivering on budget promises, then you need to attend this training.

This half day group training session is exclusively for Engineers and spaces are limited.


 Join us to learn:

  • Your biggest barriers to being a team that consistently wins

  • Tools to promote trust amongst team members

  • Templates to clearly communicate expectations

  • Steps to ensure team members are “all in” and motivated to succeed together


Time will be dedicated to Q&A and laser coaching. Submit your specific questions in advance or bring them to the session and receive expert advice.


What you will not get:

  • Fluffy HR tactics that makes you want to roll your eyes

  • Outdated practises like the feedback sandwich and annual performance reviews

  • Instructions on how to create KPIs, SMART goals, OKRs or a balanced score card (these are important; however, our focus is on incorporating these measures into daily practices)


Date: 9am – 12pm on December 11, 2020

Where:  Delivered via Zoom

Introductory Offer: $500.00

How to register

Have questions? Email them to g@inspiredchangeconsulting.com


About the facilitator:

Genevieve MacInnis is known for her strategic thinking and her ability to connect with individuals across all levels of the organization. She is highly skilled at asking thought provoking questions and having candid conversation to address tough issues.

Her style is dynamic, stimulating change by helping others learn how to be more self-aware, practice conscious leadership and build authentic relationships based on honesty and trust.

Genevieve has an extensive background in Human Resources with over 20 years of experience. She is the owner of Inspired Change Consulting, providing services in the areas of employee engagement, leadership development and implementing change.