Bridging The Gap - The Road To Employment Equity - Halifax

Nov 4, 2019 - Nov 5, 2019

Halifax Convention Centre

The Bridging the Gap Conference aims to provide the necessary information and allow opportunity to explore and develop how to facilitate on a continuing basis, the efficient merging of the demand (employment vacancies and opportunities) with the supply (qualified designated group member workers) who are ready, able and willing to work. Our efforts will attempt to link the various ‘siloes’ job seekers and employers find themselves in, while attempting to build a healthy, diverse and sustainable labour force, placing Nova Scotia’s needs and opportunities at the forefront of labour force development. Minority communities in particular continue to account for disproportionate shares of unemployed or underemployed Nova Scotians. In human capital management terms, this underutilization narrows unnecessarily the province’s pool of high- performing talent. The event schedule and dynamic list of speakers and presenters will challenge all in attendance to seek out and develop answers to the hard questions. We need to Make the Road Shorter for all.

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