2020 Call for Nominations for Members To Serve on Council

Apr 27, 2020 12:00 AM

The profession of engineering in Nova Scotia is privileged to be self-regulating – engineers are trusted to put aside any self-interest in favor of promoting the public interest, an important aspect of commitment to the ideology of service.  Effective self-regulation is only possible through the energy and passion of our members. To continue being an effective and relevant regulator, we need all of our members to reflect on how they can help to guide the affairs of Engineers Nova Scotia through service on Council.

This is the general call for candidates to join the Engineers Nova Scotia Council in 2020.

Our Act and Bylaws set out a process for the election of a new Council, as follows:

Council forms a Nominating Committee, consisting of five (5) members with geographic representation from across the province. This year, Council appointed a Nominating Committee consisting of Mary Miles, P.Eng. (Chair), Bob MacDonald, P.Eng., Sue Molloy, P.Eng., Alana MacLellan-Bonnell, P.Eng. and Jennie Rand, P.Eng.

The Nominating Committee will prepare a list of nominees as per the Bylaws. Generally, this list includes not more than two (2) nominees for President, not more than two (2) nomineesfor Vice-President, and not less than four (4) nominees for Councilor positions for both inside-HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) and outside-HRM.

As per the rotation set out in the Bylaws, this year the nominee(s) for President shall reside inside of HRM, while the nominee(s) for Vice-President shall reside outside of HRM. Nominees for President and for Vice-President must have already served on Council. While the Nominating Committee will consider potential nominees’ qualifications and experience to ensure that Council possesses the knowledge and background to fully represent the full breath of engineering in the Province, this list is not exclusive; any ten (10) members of the Association are permitted to submit nominations for any of the positions before the final election ballot is published to the membership as described in the Bylaws.

The official publication of the election ballot to the members is done in mid-July, with the vote taking place in sufficient time for the results to be announced at the Annual General Meeting.

Those interested in serving on Council will be asked to submit information for the Nominating Committee to consider, which will include a resume and a short narrative explaining their motivation for volunteering. Other information may be requested during the consideration process.

A document with further information about serving on Council is available in the Publications Library of our website HERE .

The process for selecting candidates and conducting the Council elections are laid out in the Engineering Profession BylawsSection 6 Nominations and Elections.

To permit the Nominating Committee to properly review files in advance of the 30 May 2020 deadline, you are asked to submit your completed application FOUND HERE to me at pal.mann@engineersnovascotia.ca  no later than3.30pm AST Wednesday, 13 May 2020.  The application consists of:

  • A completed “Candidacy Application for Nominating Committee” (attached)
  • A digital image of yourself (simply to personalize your application, and put a face to the name) – this does not have to be a professional photo…
  • A copy of your resume or curriculum vitae; this will be used by the Nominating Committee to learn more about your skills and experience as required. Please keep in mind that the longer your CV is, the greater the probability that critical skills or experiences you wish to highlight  may be overlooked.

You are welcome to submit any additional documents you believe may be helpful to the Nominating Committee. 


If you are interested in serving on Council, or would like more information please contact our Chief Executive Officer & Registrar, Pal Mann P.Eng., before May 13th, 2020. Pal can be contacted by email at pal.mann@engineersnovascotia.ca.

Deadline for Nominations is May 13th, 2020.